Julian Gives Some Tough, Honest Answers:


Professional Trader Julian Stewart Gets Very Candid On His Trading Course

Is it realistic to expect success when I have no financial background?

Are all those reviews real?

What makes you different from any other coach ‘claiming’ to be an expert?

Read along as Julian sits down to answer some tough questions about the SSIS Course, what’s really possible through options trading, and most importantly… what makes the SSIS Course so special?

What exactly are your students buying from you?

They are buying a simplified approach to trading that will produce consistent results. I’ve spent countless hours listening to and learning from some of the best trading coaches in the world and sifted through all of the knowledge so that I could determine what was need to know information and what wasn’t.

I’ve packaged that information so that individuals without any previous trading experience can quickly understand and develop the skills needed to drive their own investment vehicle while producing profitable trades on a daily basis. While many seasoned investors looking to improve their consistency decide to take the course, the trade tickets being circulated on social media from the Stewart Short Term Investment Strategies Facebook Page are being produced by individuals that had no previous trading experience when they enrolled in the course.

In addition to a highly effective course and proven strategy, students are hiring a coach that is committed to their success that regularly provides FREE ongoing group coaching and support through a private student forum for all students that complete the course. As plainly stated, they have access to a lifelong coach that consistently providing opportunities for those that do “the work” to develop the skill and produce desired results.

What are the main pain points our tribe is experiencing right now? What is motivating them to search for a solution?

I’ve found that many individuals simply don’t know where to start. There is so much information out there, good coaches and bad coaches, however, many of the good coaches don’t know how to present the information to individuals that lack a strong financial background or years of trading experience.

Moreover, companies providing investment education are focused on the dollar that they dangle a carrot whenever their clients need answers to understand what they need to do to produce consistent profit. These same client continues chasing carrots and soon realize that they’ve spent $10,000-$30,000 and are more confused about what they need to do to make profitable trades than ever before.

What are some of the main reasons your product is better than your competitors?

There is no other coach or company providing investment education that has students voluntarily posting tangible results on a daily basis for all to see on social media outlets.

No other investment coach is showing as many timestamped tips that have produced profit for the students that they’ve taught and not just themselves. No other coach is providing ongoing coaching and support to all students that they’ve ever taught. Few coaches have a system and/or strategy that works for individuals at every level.




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